Rocking the Reflux

I thought I had dodged the reflux bullet, Skylar probably only brought up x4, teeeeny tinny bits of milk…. fast forward to her brother… well I joke and say I now wear ‘Eu du Puke’, a distinct smell of sour milk.

Perplexed on how I would tackle this conundrum I started to look for products that could help ease the situation.

I must admit I googled the ‘beep’ out of it.

The puddle struggle is still real, Wyatt still has reflux. But I have found some ways to make it easier on all of us.

Firstly we have toweling cloths all over the house. And I don’t wear my “nice” clothes until I go out. Then there are all the awesome bibs.

One thing you will read multiple times is that with a reflux baby you need to keep them upright for awhile after a feed. How do you do that with a newborn and get anything else done? Or even pay attention to your other children….

Enter the awesome……

Infant to Toddler Rocker from Fisher-Price.


When searching for a chair/rocker for Wyatt I had the following needs

  • Must be able to be used for a long period and not just a couple months.
  • Able to have my toddler climb on it and not have it break
  • Easy to transport from room to room
  • Able to throw the material in the wash (because of vomit)
  • Slight vibration
  • Removable toys

The Fisher-Price chair I got does all the above plus it has a kick out stand to make it go up and not rock.

Wyatt does not like me out of his sight and is very demanding of my attention so my rocker follows me around the house. The bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and even out to hang the washing.

I always thought it was a silly, unnecessary thing and people wasted their money on it. I was so wrong I can admit it now. Just because I did not have one for Skylar, does not mean I don’t need one now.

Its part of the family now.

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