7 awesome reasons to hitch a caravan this holiday

Wondering what to do this festive season? Consider hitching a caravan and taking the road less travelled, seeking out your own adventure and becoming the king or queen of your infinite universe.

Sounds like a tall order, but that’s what a caravan gives you… The ultimate freedom to go anywhere, sleep where you want to, and explore what you want at will.

If you’re still wrapping up your holiday plans, then check out our top 7 reasons why a holiday in a caravan might be the plan for you.

  1. It’s a budget-friendly break

Accommodation, especially during peak season, usually costs a big chunk of your holiday budget. Even when you take into account what you’ll pay for caravan hire (unless you own a caravan and had forgotten about it), fuel, and caravan park rates, you’ll end up spending way less than you would on a resort or hotel.

Plus, you get to sleep under your own comfortable duvet.

  1. Explore our beautiful country

Imagine listening to the rain softly pitter-pattering on your caravan roof, waking up to birdsong, watching spectacular sunsets, and gazing at the stars at night. Caravanning gives you the freedom to experience these cosy moments, as well as new and exciting destinations every time you’re away. In our eyes, this beats seeing the same old view all the time.

  1. More outdoor time

Caravanning allows you to put yourself and your family slap bang in the middle of nature. You can go off on a scenic walk in the fresh air, play hide-and-seek, touch rugby or Swingball, and picnic or braai every single day. You can even take your bikes with you!

  1. The company is excellent

It’s a little-known fact, but people who caravan and camp are a friendly, helpful bunch. Basically, caravanners have formed their own community of people who like to make new friends and are eager to help. This is really great if you haven’t done any caravanning before and need to ask for advice or need a spare set of hands at the caravan park.

It’s also ideal for families with children, who can be assured that their kids will make friends and have the time of their lives with their new buddies.

  1. You can be spontaneous

Don’t like where you’ve settled? Heard of a spectacular view or festival a few towns over? Simply hitch up and head out any time you choose. That’s the beauty of caravanning… You’re in charge of your destination at every point of your holiday.

  1. Luggage is less limited

Some of us like to pack for ‘just in case’ and a caravan means that you can do just that. No more having to decide on which singular pair of shoes get to come along, no more leaving behind that dress that wrinkles too easily in a suitcase.

You can pack what you like and hang it up in the closet.

  1. Spread your money across small communities

Rather than spending all your money in 1 spot, you can spread your cash across multiple communities around South Africa. At the very least, across 1 province.

Buying fuel and groceries, staying in local caravan parks, feasting on tea and scones with homemade jam in the various cafes, visiting the local museums or water parks… All of this activity means that different communities are benefitting, and that’s a wonderful way to think of your holiday budget.

Don’t forget the king’s cover for your caravan

Look, in spite of your best precautions, accidents can happen. If you’re heading out in your own caravan, then make sure that you get the appropriate cover. This way you can enjoy the open road, secure in the knowledge that your home-on-the-go is protected from the unexpected.

The king can hook you up with super cheap comprehensive insurance for your very own caravan.

Our royal caravan cover includes the loss of, or damage to, your own caravan, as well as for any accidental legal liability that you may have caused to any other parties.

We also recommend that you add caravan contents cover so that the king can cover all the things that you put into the caravan. After all, no caravanning holiday is complete without camping tables, chairs, tents, cutlery and crockery, a range of electronic devices, and any other personal items.

Think of it as paying a little more, to get a lot more.

Want more info about simple cheap caravan insurance? Click here for a commitment-free quote or WhatsApp 0860 50 50 50.

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