Let Them Create

My parents always supported my creativity as a child – both of them were talented in their own way. My mom loved crafts from stamping to pottery – my dad was an excellent artist and is very talented.

As a child I never got in trouble for drawing on the wall (I think my parents encouraged it). My mom kept my first colouring-in book, and I think every picture I drew or craft. They were very proud and encouraged me to express myself.

Skylar is obsessed at the moment with drawing and loves to scribble – she gets very upset if you take away her pen and paper. The other day she decided that the piece of paper she had was just not big enough and moved to our passage wall. When I caught her in the act – she had the biggest smile on her face, clapping her hands and pointing. I must admit – my first feeling was not anger but pride – and I too had a big smile on my face. Sorry moms if you disagree with me. To me it is just a wall – it can be painted – its not the end of the world.

I think I might be projecting my own likes onto Skylar – wanting her to enjoy art, drawing and being creative – so when I see her loving it too, my heart skips a beat.

Inspired by her growing interest and the piles of finger paintings from daycare I get weekly – this mama decided to do a craft project with Skylar. This past weekend was perfect for painting. I also had the perfect canvas!

I messaged Sam from Tiger Lily Tots – to get her blessing before I unleashed tiny fingers onto her wooden nesting dolls – I got the blessing by the way 🙂

You are only limited by your own willingness to be creative – don’t be afraid to express yourself and be a creator – let your kids get messy – full of paint, it can be all washed off with water. If you agree with me or not… comment on this blog and lets start a conversation.





4 thoughts on “Let Them Create

  1. A child expressing themself in art is such a great thing.
    Although my little one isnt old enough to break out the paint without eating it I feel if she was to paint on the wall i would be quite angry. Not on the outside as yes it can be washed but I would make sure i had her in a space where it couldnt happen as I would hate the clean up process. I would probably end up hammering frames to the wall around her art as that takes less time lol.
    My step son at age six drew on the walls and he knew better. Thats the difference i think. He knew he wasnt allowed yet still did, a small child doesnt know and gets caught up in the moment. And for him it wasnt about expressing himself. He just got bored and thought he could take the consequences. Mind you this happened at his mums not mine! I think he would be to scared to draw on our walls haha. We buy canvases and he grabs his cars and draws tracks through the paint. This i love and this is how he expresses himself.
    So i dont know what my answer is……probably more a no to the walls. Im not that laid back about it. But we can find other ways that a child can happily express themselves…like on the wall of a cubby or the pavement outside
    I do think young ones need small boundaries but without taking away their willingness to express. I think you would hate to find out she drew all over the babysitters walls or something hahaha


  2. Walls can be washed, clothes cleaned and floors mopped! I agree with letting them be creative and have fun while doing it! My son loves painting and coloring and although i do cover the place in newspaper and remove his clothes… the paint still ends up everywhere… but that’s okay – cause we can end off the fun with a bubble bath! Thanks for sharing, Skyla looks like she loves being covered in paint 🙂


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