Top 10 Rising Stars

Top 10 Rising Stars –
On Instagram for Kids fashion, decor and toys (locally made)
There are so many amazing South African Children brands on the rise, and these are just a few that I encourage you to go and give a follow. I wish I could have done a top 50 +, because there are so much more. These are ladies that I have personal experience with and can voucher for the quality of their items.
Comment below and let me know which are your favorite or who you would like to learn more about.

Written by the the ladies behind the brands:

Miniture Kids – Aqeela
My two toddlers are the inspiration behind my brand, Miniture. I never had the opportunity to decorate my kids’ nursery or bedroom for them…yet 😉 but as a creative, I was, and still am constantly inspired by kids interior design trends.
I would like for Miniture to be recognised as a brand that the modern mom (or dad) can go to, to get beautifully uncomplicated furniture and decor pieces that work well in both a nursery and growing child’s room.
As moms, we are constantly looking to give our kids the best of everything, and likewise I do so with my product range. I source and manufacture locally, using quality materials whilst supporting small. And I hope that in turn, my small business will receive love and support from the local community.
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Hello Poppet Clothing – Sue & Leighanne
There are so many things to say about our little business but the one thing at the top of our list is that it’s new, with something new there comes freshness. Like a warm breeze at the end of winter, signaling the start of Spring. New for us means learning and growing. New fabrics, colours and styles or even old styles worn in new fabrics and colours. This is our passion!
We pride our selves on quality and timeless garments that can be worn every day and during special occasions.
In a world were instant gratification is so easy to achieve, we choose the opposite. Slow, made with hands and minimal equipment.
Our hope is that people will help us to grow our little business, so that we can in turn provide opportunities to those that need it!
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Snugter – Karin
I love what I do as it allows me to be creative and make really cute things. I love being inspired by my little boy and the world around me and being able to express that inspiration through my designs and products is really special. It’s even more special when people buy your product. There’s no feeling quite like it! I sometimes have to pinch myself. I want people to know me for creating the cutest, snuggliest toys for their kiddos and I want them to know that a whole lot of love went into the making of each Snugster. I am blown away by the kindness and support that Snugster has received in the last 2 months and I’m very excited for all that’s to come.
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Rosie-Bee – Laura
Having my daughter in 2015 motivated me to become creative again, she is the inspiration behind Rosie-Bee. We are a small business run from our family farm. Childhood is about fun, imagination and a bit of whimsy thrown in the mix – and that is what we are about. We put care into each item made, enjoy vintage prints and custom print some of our fabric which ensures uniqueness and fun. We would like our passion for unique, good quality children’s clothing and attention to detail to stand out and be our trademark at Rosie-Bee.
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Bokaloli – Tarryn
My business “Bokaloli” allows me to share my creativity with others while making memories with my children and family something which is very close and precious to me. Sharing my creativity on social media platforms allows me to get know more people as well as recognise the challenges of the “homemade” industry. I am passionate about supporting local brands as there are so many creative local talents out there, and that’s what makes me passionate about creating unique décor and accessories because as a mommy I know what other mommy’s are seeking, uniqueness, quality and affordability.
Bokaloli products are all handmade and no two products can ever be the same, this is what makes them so special. When people buy Bokaloli products, they will know that each item is handmade with lots of love. Whenever you buy handmade you not just supporting a person or small business, you are purchasing a small piece of an artists heart.
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Urban Kids – Charlene
Making clothing has always been my passion.  When I had kids of my own I found shopping for decent kids clothing challenging, either the quality was rubbish or it was filled with characters. I decided to start making clothing for my kids and soon after I was being approached by a few mom’s asking where I had purchased the outfits from. I then decided to share my passion with other mom’s. My twin sister soon joined me and so Urban kids was born. I would like to be known for modern and comfortable clothing for Kids. Our designs and creations are not one sided. We are constantly seeking feedback from other mom’s on how to improve our range, We care about our followers and enjoy engaging with them. So lastly we would like to thank you for support our dream and shopping local.
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ByRoeline  & Co – Roeline
I love using my clothing brand to innovate and create items by combining different art styles in-house, such as screenprinting, embroidery, and sewing in the old school way using my/our hands. And then knitting being added to our newest product offering for winter.
As a brand, we constantly strive and work towards becoming known for our look and feel which is more minimalist casual to a few couture, highly-detailed items. Our products are also something you definitely won’t find in commercial shops who stock mass-produced items.
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Nectar and Ink – Adele

I love the fact that we get to add some heart to our customers homes with our personalised items, we share so many happy moments with our customers by creating visual memories of what is dearest to them, creating a snapshot in time 🙂

Quality is so important thing for Nectar & Ink, and to provide our customers with on trend, high quality items.

I started Nectar & Ink as a creative outlet and because of a deep longing to be a present mom in my daughter’s life, which became very difficult with long corporate hours. I missed a lot of milestones during her nursery school phase and it saddens me to think about how much mom’s have to sacrifice on a daily basis. By supporting local makers we grow our economy and hopefully as ‘mompreneurs’ we can start to create employment opportunities that are considered towards working moms, I believe it is about getting the job done, not about how many hours you spend at the office.

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Mumu & Me – Elizabeth

I am so passionate about my brand because it is personal to me. I started with the blog, sharing my Life lessons to my son and then mommies told me they could relate and especially momtrepreneurs and other bloggers. So I love inspiring and uplifting other moms. I am on a personal journey to create a more simple life and truly believe we should get rid of all the clutter in our lives (literally and mentally). Then we will be able to focus on the the things in life that really matters! Thats when I opened up The Mumu and me shop and so far I have collaborated with other artists to create stunning and timeless products.

Making a difference even if its in one persons life. I truly believe in purposeful living. Doing something for the bigger purpose of it all. If its business or personal, they walk hand in hand for me.

Our products on the shop are timeless, beautiful and handmade products, designed by moms for moms. The wooden toys are pieces you can pass on, are a bit different and unique. In general I think it is important to support small and especially to support local. Everything I post on my blog or sell in The shop has some kind of story, lesson or special thought to it.

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Candyfloss Clouds – Mari

I’ve always loved children’s stuff, the decor, the colours and the playfulness.  I am very DIY minded, so I always see an opportunity to create something. My passion and thirst to create something pretty, unique and affordable will never fade.

I would love to be known for great quality products with unique designs that are pretty, yet practical.

I pride myself in sourcing and using only the best quality fabrics and products. I also love local, so everything is sourced and made locally in Cape Town.

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