5 Reasons – The BabyDove Launch

BabyDove launches in South Africa, Cape Town, Media and Bloggers getting to test out the new products.

How many of these statistics ring true to you? Great Infographic from BabyDove


Well there are so many reasons why I just loved the Baby Dove Launch. There are so many things I want to say and tell you, but I might just ramble on forever. You are busy, I am busy… so here are my top 5 reasons why it was awesome:

1: Getting to go to the Western Cape – Constantia for the day. Routine can set in – so it was  awesome to do something totally different.

2: Total of 4 hours (inflight) of constant conversation with my dear Cath of Following the Bean. It made the in air time, go by so quickly. Thank you for the song to calm my nerves. We spoke about Social Media, photographer, our girls that are turning 2, with plenty of laughs and nervous giggles during turbulance.

3: Meeting all the MAMAS – this was one of the best things ever. Not sure if Dove new they were kinda organising a bit meet and greet event for all of us – thanks Dove, you did a great job (just kidding). It was such a highlight though.

4: Hugs in real life – getting to actually give someone a real smile, a real hug and not send tons of emojis of hear eyes and yellow round faces – was awesome. Meeting fellow mamas in real life is sooooooo important. Real bonds and friendships extended out of social media (whole reason for InstaMamaMeet… hint… hint).

5: As a Brand Manager and someone that has been in marketing for 14 years, I always appreciate all the planning and organising that goes on behind the scenes to make events like this happen. From the guest list, to the venue, branding and the proceedings. It all went so smoothly. Such a great team that put this all together.

See the bottom of the page for my BONUS – reason why I love BabyDove


6: The Bonus Reason:

The products are amazing! Really, they are! I have tried them for the last couple days on Skylar, so far no flair ups of eczema, which she suffers from in small patches on her arms, back and tummy. We had tons of fun her washing in the bath, as the bath wash lathers up, so she was chuffed when she could see the soap creating little foamy bubbles on her tum tum. Last night was the best though, we had a whole, who can put more loation on the other – needless to say, Skylar managed to ply a lot on me, from my face, neck and hair… with a constant little voice saying… ‘more, more… mommy’. Those moments are special.

BabyDove’s payoff line for their launch campaign is ‘Know Your Way’… it rung so true to many of us. I know that I need to make each moment with my daughter specail, each laugh and giggle is important, the washing, the dishes… they can wait. So if we spend an extra 15 minutes playing after bath time, playing silly buggers with our BabyDove cream, so be it. Life does not need to be on a scheudle.


Photos Taken by: Teri Row, Offical BabyDove launch Photographer, Press pack product photos, Anglea Rea, Cassan Ferguson, Catherine Basson.

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