Instagram Ethics

Have you ever wondered what was the right or wrong thing to do on social media, specially Instagram?

Lately I have had a couple conversations with friends around Instagram. I get asked; what is a hashtag; how do you get so many followers? How can I become a ‘brand rep’? All of these are just an overview of some of the typical questions I get. It’s true with all social media that many of its users are not really sure how it all ‘works’ to make it work and be part of the community.
An Instagram account is like a baby (ironic I know coming from me 😊). Like a baby it needs nurturing, attention, love, care, understanding and time. It’s not a social media platform that you can leave to fend for itself. Without giving it what it needs, you will not see the return in engagement.
Like a baby or child – we teach our children manners and social norms, how to behave in public and how to succeed in life. These similar principals apply to Instagram.
These are what I interpret the social ethics of Instagram to be and how myself and others should engage with one another to make a harmonious environment:

Follow for a follow

Don’t just follow random people to get more followers. Follow others because they are either your friends, connect with, similar interests or love their feed.

Don’t follow then unfollow

Can I get an amen for this irritating habit to be eradicated from Instagram. It’s so annoying. You get an amazing instagrammer follow you, wow that’s cool, you trail through their feed, wow I must follow them back – then in about a day or less you get the unfollow. Feeling like a one night stand is not cool. Feeling used much?

Don’t Spam

I have been know to break this rule, I am sorry and try to give for warning. If you are going to post a lot within a short space of time, make sure there is a reason behind it and not just for the sake of it.


You don’t have to reply to every comment on your feed. If the comment is just and fair, reply back and acknowledge – even one emoji is cool.

Don’t be a copycat

This can be really uncool – find your own vibe and storytelling. It can be hurtful to other igers when they see a fellow iger try to mimic their content. It can be very flattering to be copied, but it does not help you one bit. Be your unique self and don’t doubt your own creativity and voice – it’s cool because its you and unique. If you are inspired by someone you follow credit them in the post and give them a big shout out.

Post Bait

This is something that happens a lot on Facebook and has leaked onto Instagram – the post that is only there for lots of attention and no real substance. It can sometimes be angry, sad or just a whole lota a silly – you will know it when you see it.

Be nice

Remember that saying – if you have not got anything nice to say – don’t say it all. Spread love not hate.

These are just a few ways we can make our insta worlds better. I would LOVE to read your thoughts on Instagram ethics, have you had any of the experiences above? Or any other ethics we should add on? Let me know, comment below. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Instagram Ethics

  1. I agree with all the above, Good Writing my Friend.

    The one that is so annoying is the follow unfollow…. thank goodness you told me about that app



  2. Love your thoughts Mommy – I’m still pretty new to this Insta world and I was super confused with the like vs unlike situation it was mind bogling – I never could understand why you’d want “fake” likes? For me there’s nothing more fun then engaging with like minded people, be moms or just people who love kids fashion and kids fun!


    1. hi Bianca, thanks for your comment – yes it can be crazy. I don’t understand it either. It is a quick way some people build up their followers, but it is not genuine


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